Sound Totem
These miniature music venues are installed in three Denver Parks. Each totem has a surprise featuring musicians local to each neighborhood. Currently featured are Native Daughters, Reed Wiemer, and Christopher Guillot. Each month the song will rotate to another neighborhood musician, writer or poet for the public to enjoy. Check back to find out who is upcoming at your local park!

This collaborative project was made possible by Denver Arts and Venue's PSYAH Placemaking Grant and in collaboration with Denver Forestry and Denver Parks and Venues - many thanks to an amazingly kind and competant team.

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Huston Lake Park
850 S Bryant St, Denver, CO 80219
(Ohio & Bryant)

J. Langstan Boyd Park
3101 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205
(MLK & Colorado Blvd)

McDonough Park
4101 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211
(41st & Federal)

Current Featured Musicians

Gumbo le Funque
Make it Grow

Gumbo le Funque is a Denver funk band that brings the party of New Orleans. We call it FUNKY DANGEROUS PARTY MUSIC! Members are Jason Justice - saxes and vocals Chris Anton - guitar and vocals Chris Harris - bass Chris Beers - drums Andrea Merida - vocals .

Charlie Burrell
Honey Suckle Rose

Charles Burrell has enjoyed an outstanding career as a bassist for the Denver Symphony Orchestra and is also considered a master jazz bassist; one of the few musicians to have mastered both genres.

Ben Jansen
Cuando Bailamos

Ben Jansen (keyboardist, composer, singer) gets around. Ben is a local piano instructor, and his multi-faceted playing includes opening for Snoop Dog playing trip-hop, pounding out salsa piano with international artists Luisito Carrion and Conjunto Colores, and composing music featured on everything from VH1, Discovery Channel, soap operas and Volkswagen commercials.

Previously Featured Artists

Christopher Guillot

Native Daughters
Private Sauce
Teacher s Body

Reed Weimer
I'll be in Denver

Breez Billion
Welcome to Athmar

Breez Billion is a native of Colorado, who was raised in the Barnum neighborhood. He started making music in 2003 with the rap group Absaloot Kingz. In 2011 they released their first studio album called "Power Struggle" which was immediately a classic Denver album. He and Bigg Noise, the other half of the group, are both currently working on solo projects. He has became a permanent resident here in Athmar where he has resided for past 17 years. He is also the founder of a popular underground magazine called Unda$treaM, which has a strong digital presence at

Evil Atoms
Under the Ice

We met drinking beer out of the trunk of my car at the gamestore, then we started making music. It's been a long journey and a lot of learning, but we're finally ready to blow your minds!

The Babysitters
Superheros Activate

"In Denver, if you have a kid who's a pain in the ass, you have a cousin in Joes, so you send your kid to Joes as punishment for a semester at Liberty School," says Hill. "We would get cool kids for a semester who were supposed to be reforming, but they would be corrupting us. I had a friend named Andy Spence who was exiled to Joes for a while, and we played a couple of Quonset-hut concerts. Our band was called the Screamin Cowz. That was before it was cool to drop the The. He loved the Cure, and I was a big David Bowie fan."

Ill Esha
Only Fair

For many years ill-esha has weathered the dynamic, often ephemeral soundscape of Electronic music, simply by being an original. "I'm not really an observer. I'm very much a participant and a creator," self-describes the Vancouver, British Columbia-born artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ. Although Ill-esha’s professional career dates back to the late 90's, the Denver, Colorado-based artist asserts that her recent evolution in music greatly contrasts with her initial work. "I spent about a decade in the Drum and Bass world."

James Ford An Emu Cries

Current member of Denver Band Super Phoenixes and former lead singer of the Nancy Drews, a hot band in Denver some years ago plays a solo piece.

North High School
Jazz Band, Drum Line, Advanced Chior